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Freshcaller is a cloud-based PBX solution that helps users manage their call center operations. The key features of the solution include multi-level IVR (interactive voice response), call monitoring and blocking, auto-receptionist tools, customer interaction histories and more.

Operators can transfer calls to their supervisors and other agents, make in-call actions, set up conference calls and see the details of incoming calls. The call transfer tool allows users to provide context about customer issues to the new operators prior to transferring a call. Users can also take call notes and get desktop notifications for incoming calls.

Managers can analyze the performance of their call center based on reports containing call details, information on call conversions and other metrics. A real-time dashboard is provided that displays call queues, dropped calls, agent availability and ongoing calls.

Freshcaller is available on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via email and through an online helpdesk.

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